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Experian has released the results of its latest research showing Apple device owners are most engaged.

Finding an audience that will be engaged by the ads that are produced by a campaign is one of the most important goals of mobile marketing, and the results of a recent study have shown that there is one device that leads them all in this regard.

The study revealed that iPhone users are the audience with the greatest level of engagement.

This is news that will likely be very welcome to mobile marketing companies and businesses that are trying to communicate with consumers through their smartphones. Experian has shared this data to help marketers to better target their audiences and to understand the type of direction that they want to take when they are planning based on platforms.

This research suggests that mobile marketing is best received when iOS is the targeted platform.

This could mean that mobile marketing might take a new direction where iPhone consumers become the most heavily targeted in any given campaign, in order to help them to make sure that they achieve the best possible successes in thoseMobile Marketing efforts.

The Experian study showed that iPhone owners use their devices for the highest number of minutes every day and that the usage is far greater than that experienced by the Android device using counterparts. While there may be an ongoing debate regarding which devices are actually superior and which platforms provide the best experience overall, the results of the study can clearly demonstrate that it is iOS that has taken the lead in this specific way.

It is clear that iPhone customers are using their devices for longer than Android and the other operating systems such as BlackBerry and Windows Phone. iPhone users were recorded to have used their devices for an hour and fifteen minutes (75 minutes) per day, on average. This was a tremendous 26 minutes per day longer than the average Android smartphone user.

The mobile marketing report stated that “On average, smartphone owners devote 26% of the time they spend on their phone talking and another 20% texting. Social networking eats up 16% of smartphone time while browsing the mobile web accounts for 14% of time spent.”

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