Mobile commerce gains traction in India with the help of Yebhi

NFC Technology mobile commerce

QR codes and NFC technology being combined to promote mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has yet to show signs of slowing down and the growth behind this emerging sector is powering the emergence of virtual stores. These stores, often called “pop-up stores,” aim to close the gap between the physical world of retail and the digital world of retail. Virtual stores can show up anywhere, giving consumers an opportunity to purchase products they may be interested in using nothing more than a mobile device. These stores are also becoming an ideal way to combine the capabilities of NFC technology and QR codes.

Yebhi launches new virtual stores

NFC technology is often considered the backbone of mobile commerce and is typically used to facilitate mobile payments. QR codes have, in the past, been used most often in the field of marketing, but have begun seeing use as a mobile commerce tool. India’s Yebhi, an online fashion and lifestyle merchant, sees a great deal of promise in both NFC and QR codes, believing that these two tools can be combined to engage consumers and encourage the adoption of mobile commerce.

Combination of NFC and QR codes may appeal to mobile consumersNFC Technology mobile commerce

Yebhi has launched a variety of virtual stores that are contained in posters that have been plastered on the walls of Cafe Coffee Day stores in Delhi and Bangalore. These posters are equipped with NFC technology, allowing those with NFC-enabled devices to visit Yebhi’s virtual store and purchase products. The posters also include QR codes, which allow those without NFC-enabled devices to access these stores. Yebhi aims to appeal mostly to the young audience and corporate personnel that frequent Cafe Coffee Day stores.

India continues seeing growth in mobile commerce sector

NFC technology and QR codes often receive criticism for various reasons, but continue to prove that they can be effective tools in consumer engagement. Their uses in mobile commerce have been somewhat effective for companies in other parts of the world, which has helped encourage Yebhi to appeal more to mobile consumers. Yebhi is one of several companies in India that is showing strong interest in mobile commerce.

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