Google awarded patent for new augmented reality system


Augmented reality system could revolutionize Google search engine

Google has been granted a patent for technology that may revolutionize its acclaimed search engine and provide a great deal of information to those that make use of it. The new technology patented by Google makes use of augmented reality as a form of image recognition. Google aims to use the technology to analyze the content that is contained within videos and associate this content with the real world through a “tagging” system. This upgrade to the search engine may make it more intuitive for a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

System to be capable of recognizing a wide variety of images and objects in videos

The augmented reality system aims to categorize the content it finds online based on how this content relates to the physical world. The system will be capable of recognizing landmarks and a variety of objects that are contained within a video, even if this content is not the focus of the video itself. Google believes that such a system would be more efficient than its current one, which relies on direct human input.

Augmented reality system considered more viable than direct human input

The patent notes that Google believes that human input is an expensive and time consuming process that does not lend itself well to large-scale projects. Essentially, computers are better suited to handle data sets that are comprised of hundreds, if not millions, of objects and images. The use of the new augmented reality system will bolster the search engine’s ability to categorize content online and make searching for content easier for a user. The technology may eliminate the obscurity of some searches due to its categorization abilities.

Privacy concerns may derail Google plans for a time

According to the patent awarded to Google, the technology is being referred to as “automatic large scale video object recognition.” Google is expected to build a set of object names that is comprised of no less than 50,000 entries. This data set will be used to categorize the objects that the augmented reality system identifies in its first stages of life. Google may have the system all planned out, but privacy concerns and the practically of the system may halt the companies progress for some time.

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