Google awarded patent for new augmented reality system

Augmented reality system could revolutionize Google search engine Google has been granted a patent for technology that may revolutionize its acclaimed search engine and provide a great deal of information to those that make use of it. The new technology patented by Google makes use of augmented reality as a form of image recognition. Google aims to use the technology to analyze the content that is contained within videos and associate this content with the real world through a “tagging” system. This upgrade to the search engine may make it…

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Google nearing completion of new augmented reality eyeglasses

Augmented Reality glasses

As augmented reality grows in popularity, more technology companies are looking into its uses. Google is the latest company to consider adopting augmented reality in a new project that is reminiscent to their popular Google Goggles program. The Google Goggles application is an augmented reality browser that allows users to find virtual information about their environment using the camera of their smart phone. Google may be looking to take this a step further by removing smart phones from the equation entirely. Last year, Google hinted that they were working on…

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Google works with Keynote Systems to gauge the user experience of mobile sites


Google has announced that it has selected the top internet and mobile cloud monitoring and testing company in the world, Keynote Systems, to use its Keynote Mobile Internet Testing Environment (MITE) to take the central place in Google’s free GoMoMeter tool, which is designed to help companies to evaluate how mobile ready their websites are. MITE from Keynote makes it possible for the GoMoMeter to show companies just how their websites look when consumers view them on their smartphones. MITE also supports the tool’s ability to assign a score for…

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Google to bring mobile wallet application to the UK in 2012

Mobile Wallets

Technology powerhouse Google has announced that it will be bringing its NFC powered mobile wallet technology to the UK in 2012. The company released its much anticipated Google Wallet application earlier this year. The app can turn any Android, NFC-enabled smart phone into a mobile payment device. Google has been investing heavily in promoting NFC technology recently, hoping to expand the reach of the growing mobile commerce industry. Mobile commerce has gained a foothold in the UK, but there are currently few mobile applications capable of allowing consumers to make…

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