Facebook Messenger QR codes could make the barcodes popular in the US

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Quick response codes have become commonplace, but American companies and consumers are still iffy about them.

Facebook announced the launch of several new features on its messaging app, including Messenger QR codes. With the addition of the quick response codes to the platform, it is more than likely that the black and white squares will experience a popularity boost in the United States.

These QR codes were announced at the same time as she update to the M virtual assistant.

In this one wave, Facebook has greatly expanded its capabilities for its mobile app users. For example, the M virtual assistant now allows food ordering through delivery.com. The Messenger QR codes make it possible for users to scan the barcodes into the app for better Game bot and turn by turn game support.

QR codes have had a tough time gaining acceptance in the U.S. despite the fact that their use has become very commonplace in many other parts of the world. These humble barcodes just don’t seem to have found their groove when it comes to being appealing among American consumers.

The Messenger QR codes are designed to make many different activities much more convenient.

facebook messenger qr codesThe QR codes, also known as Messenger codes on the platform, will work just like any other barcodes. That said, when used through the Facebook Messenger app, it will make it possible for users to scan the barcodes for many purposes. These quick response codes are found in places like sporting events, concerts, and other types of events.

Once scanned, the app automatically launches a Messenger bot. That bot provides the user with additional information that can help to inform them, offer them a deal, encourage them to take action in a certain way, or offer other opportunities as well.

As this use of the barcodes will be convenient and will make it possible for consumers to quickly and easily inform themselves, Facebook believes this will be the opportunity for Messenger QR codes scans to catch on in places like the U.S. where popularity has been low until now. Convenience through an app that users already regularly have open can, after all, be highly appealing to users.

One Thought to “Facebook Messenger QR codes could make the barcodes popular in the US”

  1. Dean Collins

    Why would you use facebook messenger to read a QR code rather than an existing app…..?

    There is no value add.

    The simple reason on why QR codes in the USA never took off was because marketing companies built crappy campaigns with them. There was little to no value add from scanning.

    In Asia this wasn’t the case….hence widespread adoption.

    Dean Collins

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