Facebook Messenger QR codes could make the barcodes popular in the US

facebook mobile ads payments messenger

Quick response codes have become commonplace, but American companies and consumers are still iffy about them. Facebook announced the launch of several new features on its messaging app, including Messenger QR codes. With the addition of the quick response codes to the platform, it is more than likely that the black and white squares will experience a popularity boost in the United States. These QR codes were announced at the same time as she update to the M virtual assistant. In this one wave, Facebook has greatly expanded its capabilities…

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QR codes are the latest tech from OceanWatch Australia

qr codes fish counter

These quick response codes are being used to track seafood and inform buyers about the history of their products. OceanWatch Australia has now announced the introduction of the new unique QR codes that are meant to give buyers the opportunity to use their smartphones and tablets to trace the history of the seafood that they are interested in purchasing. These quick response codes can be scanned to provide wholesale buyers with information specific to that product. For example, wholesale buyers can scan the QR codes to obtain the information with…

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QR codes can be used to securely display 3D images

qr codes

These quick response codes can be scanned by smartphones to do a great deal more than link to websites. While QR codes have become quite commonplace in print marketing to link the ads to online media, optical engineers from the University of Connecticut have found an entirely new and interesting use for these barcodes. The results of the efforts of this team has been published within the Optica journal from The Optical Society (OSA). The University of Connecticut optical engineer team took a regular smartphone and added an array of…

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QR codes at Kennards help with plant safety checks

qr codes

These quick response codes will also allow customers to scan and view a piece of equipment’s full service history. Kennards Hire, a specialist in equipment rentals, has now added a new mobile device friendly feature in order to enhance its service quality, as it has added QR codes to help to improve plant safety checks and provide customers with a way to inform themselves with regards to a specific piece of equipment. The new online portal that is used by the plant gives customers to complete service records for equipment.…

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QR codes are now printed on Nestlé products

Nestle QR codes mobile health

The massive food manufacturer is now adding quick response codes to its packaging. Nestlé has now joined the growing number of major food manufacturers that have recognized that the space available on product packaging is exceptionally limited, and that by adding scannable QR codes, they will be able to share a nearly limitless amount of information with consumers, including everything from extended nutritional data to promotions. These quick response codes are being used to allow smartphone owners to scan using free reader apps. The QR codes that have been added…

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QR codes help Jumeirah establish its first smart mosque

qr codes smart mosque

These simple quick response codes have allowed a whole other level of interaction with this UAE landmark. A mosque in Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates, has now implemented QR codes to help to enhance the experience for people there, providing easy access to general information that they may wish to know. These quick response codes help to make sure that the information that is needed is always available. By scanning the QR codes, people can learn more about the history of the mosque, as about its capacity, its area, nature, the…

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QR codes enhance learning at Iowa school

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

The barcodes are being used to increase interactions in the lessons being taught to elementary school students. Van Meter Elementary, an Iowa school, is using QR codes to help to make learning more interactive for its students during their technology and library times throughout the week. By scanning the barcodes, the students are directed to specific websites relevant to the topics. Located near Des Moines, the school is moving forward with technology that will allow its students to scan QR codes in order to be able to view book reports…

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QR codes woven into blanket in Native American style

Guillermo Bert qr code tapestries

The artist of the piece is Guillermo Bert and is bringing tradition and technology together in his work. Los Angeles artist, Guillermo Bert, is bringing the tradition of Native American blankets and the high tech style of QR codes together to create a textile piece that can be scanned by smartphones. The artist noticed that the geometric patterns in the blankets and tapestries look somewhat similar to the barcodes. This allowed Bert to bring together QR codes and this artwork’s traditional to help to better tell the stories behind them.…

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QR codes partnership announced between AT&T and Scanbuy

Scanlife QR codes

The partnership is meant to help the wireless provider to increase its mobile engagement capabilities. AT&T has just announced that it is now offering new services through a partnership with Scanbuy, in which it is providing the ability for businesses to use QR codes in order to run mobile commerce campaigns that will provide a more relevant and engaging experience for their customers. This is one of a number of mobile engagements solutions that are offered through the new partnership. The new deal between Scanbuy and AT&T will allow for…

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QR codes appearing mysteriously in Montgomery

Smartphone scanning QR codes

An oversized barcode has made its way into the downtown area and nobody knows who is behind it. Montgomery, Alabama has had a unique mobile marketing experience pop up in its downtown area, where QR codes have appeared out of nowhere and nobody seems to know their source. One of these quick response codes, for instance, was found on a power box located outside of Arts Gone Wild. That one was located on the corner of Tallapoosa and Commerce Streets. These oversized QR codes just seem to have come out…

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QR code at Hackerspace aims to be largest in the world

rooftop qr code

The barcodes are constantly popping up in new and unique locations and strategies. Since the QR code has started to become very popular, it has become a considerable target for companies and individuals that have been making attempts at creating the largest one in various ways. This was the case with Hackerspace, which created a rooftop barcode in a unique way. Other rooftop QR code projects have occurred in the past, as have other very large ones that have been presented in stadiums, corn fields, and other surprising and sometimes…

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