Facebook Messenger QR codes will make MasterCard mobile payments possible

NFC mastercard Facebook Messenger QR codes

The credit card giant is adding quick response codes to the platform to facilitate purchasing. MasterCard has revealed its intentions to use Facebook Messenger QR codes to allow for mobile payments. This will have a particular focus on the small business marketplace in Africa and Asia. The Messenger app is very popular in those markets, making it a natural fit for businesses there. Moreover, using Facebook Messenger QR codes combines a popular mobile app with quick response barcodes. QR codes are already commonplace and widely used in those regions. Therefore,…

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WhatsApp monetization to increase for Facebook through new business function

whatsapp monetization

The app will make it possible for companies to be able to communicate with other app users. New WhatsApp monetization efforts are going into effect as Facebook looks to boost its earnings on the messenger app. The additional income will be generated through new business tools for small companies and bigger enterprises. A new free WhatsApp Business app is being tested and developed for smaller sized companies. At the same time, an enterprise solution is in development for larger companies that operate at a bigger scale and that serve a…

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Facebook Messenger QR codes could make the barcodes popular in the US

facebook mobile ads payments messenger

Quick response codes have become commonplace, but American companies and consumers are still iffy about them. Facebook announced the launch of several new features on its messaging app, including Messenger QR codes. With the addition of the quick response codes to the platform, it is more than likely that the black and white squares will experience a popularity boost in the United States. These QR codes were announced at the same time as she update to the M virtual assistant. In this one wave, Facebook has greatly expanded its capabilities…

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Mobile app security gets tighter at WhatsApp

whatsapp mobile app security

The popular messenger application now features two-step verification to keep it more secure. WhatsApp has bumped up its mobile app security by rolling out its two-step verification. The security boost is now available to its complete use base. The announcement of the feature was made quite subtly within an updated version of the official website FAQ. The official mobile app security update rollout occurred on Wednesday. Now, all users can use two-step verification to tighten the security of their app. The step, when selected, requires phone users to enter a…

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BBM Enterprise to offer businesses secure communication

BlackBerry BBM Enterprise

IT departments have pricked their ears at the news that text-based communication will be safer. BBM Enterprise has undergone an important overhaul and is being launched as a secure text communication option for businesses. This plays into the company’s strong reputation for getting security right. The BlackBerry Messenger enterprise-level app has end-to-end encryption over all methods of communication. This means that regardless of whether voice, video or text communication is used, BBM Enterprise will keep it secure. The new application may be the tool businesses have been looking for when…

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YouTube in-app messaging launched for Canadian mobile users

YouTube in-app messaging

The Google owned video hosting and streaming platform is testing the option in Canada first. A YouTube in-app messaging platform has now been launched. That said, for the moment the option will be available only in Canada. It is commonplace for companies to soft launch their products within that market due to the country’s size and similarity to the United States. The entire population of Canada is comparable to that of California, but there is another reason for its appeal. Canadians share more YoutTube videos with their friends, family and…

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WhatsApp mobile app won’t continue supporting BlackBerry and other platforms

messenger mobile app young youth smartphone

The messaging platform owned by Facebook will also stop supporting a number of older platforms. The popular messaging mobile app, WhatsApp, has now announced that it will no longer be supporting a number of different platforms, which include older versions of Android and Windows Phone, as well as any BlackBerry version. The support for those platforms will cease for the mobile app at the close of this year. The announcement made by the mobile app has revealed that it will stop working with BlackBerry based devices, as well as those…

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Facebook Messenger launches video calling feature

facebook messenger mobile commerce internet

The company started rolling out its latest option on its mobile app as of the start of the week. On Monday, the largest social network in the world started the initial rollout of the new video calling feature that it has introduced on its Facebook Messenger mobile app. This allows smartphone and tablet users to hold face to face conversations with friends around the globe. By using the new Facebook Messenger feature, a user is able to add video calls to another user of the same mobile app. According to…

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BlackBerry seeks to generate revenue through latest BBM update

blackberry messenger bbm mobile payments

Features in the popular messenger app may offer the slowly recovering handset maker the opportunity to bring in money. While always popular among BlackBerry users, the BBM messenger app has managed to generate an additional 85 million (or more) users since it opened up its doors to users of Android devices and iPhones, but it was never anything that generated actual revenue for the company. That could be changing in an upcoming update for the mobile app, as new features add an additional revenue stream. BlackBerry Ltd. is now considering…

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Technology news shows BBM head exec is leaving the company

blackberry messenger bbm mobile payments

This is only one of the latest of the leaders to depart the troubled handset manufacturer. The top exec from BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Andrew Bocking, has now become the latest technology news in a string of the heads of the company to step away from the smartphone manufacturer. That said, the company isn’t expressing very much concern about the departure of Bocking. According to a technology news statement from a spokesperson at the company, Rebecca Freiburger, “I can confirm that Andrew Bocking, EVP, BBM has made the decision to leave…

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