Augmented reality may be a future tool for law enforcement

Augmented Reality system

Augmented Reality systemWearable augmented reality could have very practical uses

Advances in technology are not only beneficial to the world of entertainment. Augmented reality has been growing more complex and powerful in recent years, and while the technology is primarily used for entraining mobile applications, it could have very promising practical uses. Wearable augmented reality systems, such as augmented reality glasses, could soon be widely used by public workers more so than by consumers. The Kopin Corporation, the ambitious developer of the Golden-i augmented reality headset, has begun showing off its powerful product.

Golden-i headset boasts of powerful hardware

Golden-i is a high-tech headset that could have major potential in the world of law enforcement, according to the company’s latest video. The headset is equipped with a high quality onboard camera, motion sensing technologies, a microphone, high fidelity display,  and, of course, a powerful augmented reality system. The headset is a relatively new approach to the use of the technology, as most attempts at developing wearable augmented reality systems involve eyewear. According to Kopin, the headset can be used by law enforcement to great effect.

System could be used to help law enforcement do its job

The video suggests that the headset can provide law enforcement officials with real-time information concerning suspects that could help them do their jobs. The facial recognition capabilities of the headset allow the Golden-i to identify people of interest. The headset’s camera also boasts of heat-vision and night-vision modes. GPS tracking also enables law enforcement officials to have a strong grasp on their surroundings and a constant connection to the Internet allows them to access data through law enforcement networks.

Possibility of Golden-i being used by actual law enforcement is uncertain

While the Golden-i is an impressive piece of technology, whether it will ever be used by law enforcement is highly suspect. The bulky design of the headset has its own complications and whether Kopin can deliver on its vision concerning augmented reality has yet to be seen. Google is also developing a wearable augmented reality system called Glass, and the company has run into significant problems when trying to incorporate augmented reality technology into  this project. Time will tell whether Kopin can make use of the technology effectively with the Golden-i.

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