Website Design Tips For 2021

Just like fashion is always changing, the same is true of web design. Whether you are building a site for the first time, or you would simply like to refresh your page, it is important that you take some of these trends into account. After all, you want your website to fit in with modern trends and give a unique take on everything that you have to offer. So, here are a few websites design tips for 2021.  Illustrations  There has been something of a throwback in terms of the…

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A Few Handy Principles of Good Website Design You Should Consider

website design

Although the word “design” in conjunction with a website might make you think about all of the visuals and how they all work to draw in an audience, most of the success a website has comes from the actual usability and utility of the site – this is what helps keep a frustrated audience from quickly exiting your website, after all. Usability is the difference between a user spending a few minutes browsing a variety of pages on your site and abandoning their cart in a matter of moments, which…

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