Website Design Tips For 2021

Just like fashion is always changing, the same is true of web design. Whether you are building a site for the first time, or you would simply like to refresh your page, it is important that you take some of these trends into account. After all, you want your website to fit in with modern trends and give a unique take on everything that you have to offer. So, here are a few websites design tips for 2021. 


There has been something of a throwback in terms of the imagery that is commonly used on websites. With the continuing improvements made in cameras and the ubiquity of smartphones, this meant a trend towards high-quality and crisp imagery. However, there has been something of a reversal in recent times, which has meant that texture-based illustrations (that are often created digitally) have become more popular than ever before. 

Creative Product Photos 

While illustrations are great on the homepage and in promotional material, there is always a need for product photos. These have become creative in a much bigger way, which has meant that a lot of stores are using 3D simulations. Essentially, this gives the user the ultimate experience of being able to view their products from a wide range of angles, which is the closest you can get to the item without obviously being able to see and touch it in person. Of course, adding a feature like this can be not very easy, which is why a professional web design agency such as can come in handy here. 

Elegant Fonts 

As well as the visual elements of a website, you also need to think about how the text will integrate with everything else on the page. The screen resolution was not particularly good in days gone by, which meant that the choice of fonts that you could have was fairly limited. However, in the modern world, with more and more people accessing the internet via smartphones, this has meant that more elegant and intricate fonts can be used to grab the attention of the visitor, as well as showing off everything that you are doing as a brand. 

Website Design Tips For 2021

Playful Animation 

Animation has been a popular feature for a long time, but many businesses are making sure that it appears right there on the homepage. This way, people can get a fun impression of the site right from the start, and the initial impression of your brand is going to be a positive one. 

Light Colors 

Light colors have been shown to have a soothing effect on people, which can play a central role in ensuring that they stick around on the page for an extended period rather than clicking off and going elsewhere very quickly indeed. 

These are just a few of the website design trends in 2021 that are worth taking into account. While you may not want to incorporate them all, they are all worth considering for your website to see what works best.

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