Mobile payments platform rolls out in Kuwait

Mobile payments platform

The program is meant to start there but is looking to expand throughout the rest of the region. Among the most challenging goals for startups in the Arab region to start selling online is choosing the right online and mobile payments platform, leading to many attempts to improve the system. There have been a number of efforts to try to create a successful gateway within that region. A primary part of that effort was to try to simplify the types of services that are already available online and available for…

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Mobile payments startup in Mexico receives massive investment funding

Mexico Mobile commerce

Startup company called Clip has raised $1.5 million to implement Mexican smartphone transactions. Clip, a mobile payments startup, has managed to raise $1.5 million in funding in order to create a smartphone based transaction system that will cater to consumers in Mexico, providing a service that has been compared to Square. There are considerable differences, however, between what Clip and Square provide their customers. The mobile payments service at Clip is focused primarily on the needs of specific local markets, such as that of the Spanish speaking world in Mexico.…

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