Why are mobile payments the future of commerce?

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Mobile payments have become more than a novelty Mobile commerce has blossomed from an unassuming novelty trend to a phenomenon that is, quite literally, forcing businesses to revamp their business models. Global society is becoming more reliant on mobile technology and mobile devices are becoming more fundamental to the daily lives of people everywhere. New generations are growing up utterly saturated in technology and digital media, creating an environment wherein separation of these two things seems all but impossible. As people become more reliant on mobile devices, they are looking…

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Mobile payments due for more disruption in 2013, says PayPal

Mobile Payments Future

The head of the company, David Marcus, posted on the company blog to say that the area would continue with challenges. The president of PayPal, David Marcus, used the company’s blog in order to make a post with some of his predictions about what is to come next year, including the future of mobile payments. The posting included forecasts both about offline and online forms of paying for products and services. According to Marcus’s post, “At PayPal we have an end-to-end view of the industry that others don’t and I…

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Mobile Payments mainstream adoption will be led by banks

Mobile Banking Industry

It will likely be the large and well established financial institution that will encourage its wide acceptance. Experts in the mobile banking industry are now predicting that retail banks are going to start to make larger strides into the sector in order to help themselves to reduce costs, improve their innovations, and hang on to more tech savvy customers who are growing in numbers with each passing year. This should also help to establish more mainstream adoption of using smartphones for buying. This does mean, however, that any banks that…

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Consumer Reports says that mobile commerce may be more costly to consumers than originally thought


The hype surrounding NFC technology and mobile payments may be little more than over-exaggerations coming from the companies backing the emergence of mobile commerce. According to a new report from Consumer Reports, a product review and ratings firm, electronic payment methods still have a long way to go before mobile commerce can win the hearts of consumers. This may be bad news for several big-name tech companies that have been pouring resources into the development of mobile payments platforms. Companies and banks are currently vying for a share of the…

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