Mobile payments primed to break the $1 trillion mark in 2 years

Mobile payments platform

A recent report is showing that this important achievement could be made by 2015. According to experts in mobile payments, the use of smartphones for this purpose – as opposed to using credit and debit cards – may rise to the point of being a $1 trillion business by the year 2015. Some experts are crediting the introduction and use of innovative apps that are breaking new ground. Though mcommerce is no longer considered to be a channel that is brand new. However, the mobile payments field, in which smartphones…

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Mobile payments to take off in China over the next three years

China Mobile Commerce

Chinese consumers are expected to adopt the method quite widely by 2015 As mcommerce takes off in China, it is leading to a number of other associated growths, such as in mobile payments, which are expected to continue their momentum to the point that they will be highly profitable as early as 2015. A recent report has shown that although it is still just emerging in China, it will soon explode. The mobile payments report was created by Deloitte & Touche, and demonstrated that although the Chinese marketplace for paying…

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