Mhealth program assists with the prescription of apps to patients

mhealth industry

Happtique provides doctors with help in giving people mobile advice along with their medication. With the increasing popularity of mhealth applications and features, it may soon become commonplace for doctors to recommend apps for their patients’ smartphones along with the medication that has been prescribed. There are already thousands of health and medicine applications currently available. Some estimates of the numbers of these apps are as high as 40,000, though no complete count of the applications for download has ever been performed. These mhealth apps provide a broad range of…

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The power of mhealth technology for improving patient care


Bringing mobile technology and medical science together in an intelligent way. A number of mhealth tools are starting to slowly work their way into mainstream use for patients, such as a blood pressure cuff that connects to a smartphone, a blood glucose meter for iPod touch of iPhone devices, and an app that alerts people when it is time to take their next dose of their medications. The medical community is reminding patients to look for mobile tools that are supported by solid clinical research. It is, after all, one…

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