QR codes to be used for medical history tracking for marathons

marathon run qr codes

The Cellcom Green Bay full and half marathons will use quick response codes for emergency data. With only just over a month to go before the Cellcom Green Bay full and half marathons are set to begin, participants for this year’s event are now receiving emails that request information about their medical history, and this will be incorporated into QR codes to make them readily accessible when the day does arrive. This use of quick response codes is meant to make it easier for emergency responders to access medical information.…

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QR codes created by XMU students to share Marathon tips

QR codes marathon

The barcodes have been designed to help spread useful information about the upcoming event. Keeping with the trend of the very first campus information system in China that is based on QR codes, students attending that country’s Xiamen University have come up with a special smartphone barcode for sharing helpful tips to assist participants in the upcoming Marathon. The barcodes were chosen because they are already widely recognized across the campus. These two dimensional smartphone friendly barcodes have been implemented throughout the university’s campus in order to provide students with…

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