Mobile security remains a leading barrier to digital bill payments

Mobile security - Payment Concerns

As much as consumers are more confident in their devices, they still have serious concerns Mobile security was a substantial barrier to the widespread adoption of digital payments and wallet apps, despite the convenience they had to offer their users. Millions of people now use digital payments Still, as much as this technology has increased considerably in popularity in recent years, mobile security is still a leading barrier to its use or to the use of some of its features such as bill payments. About 60 percent of US consumers…

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4 out of 5 millennials pay bills using mobile wallets

Mobile wallets - Payment Made - Thank You

While many people have already been paying their bills online, this generation is looking to phones. As bills have become mainly digital, millennials in particular are looking to their phones to make their payments and are choosing mobile wallets as their preferred payment method. According to new research, a massive 80 percent of millennials prefer this bill payment method. The research was conducted by PYMNTS. What it found was that mobile wallets have been driving the trend toward bill payments online, particularly on phones. It also found that among people…

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