WhatsApp mobile payments launching its service in Brazil

WhatsApp Mobile Payments - WhatsApp on smartphone

The South American country will be the first to try the new Facebook owned transactions. Facebook is launching its WhatsApp mobile payments service for the first time in Brazil. The country is often the site of initial digital services due to its massive online population. Brazilian users will be able to use this new transaction service to be able to send money securely. The WhatsApp mobile payments will make it possible for a user to send money or buy a product or service from a merchant, all within the chatting…

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Mobile payments partnership in Brazil between MasterCard and Telefonica

The credit card giant and telecom company have paired up to develop a new transaction solution. MasterCard International and The TelefĂ´nica Group have just launched a new company called MFS, under a partnership between them that is designed to allow them to work together to create mobile payments solutions in Brazil. The first product from MFS is currently set to be launched in April of next year. That will consist of a pre-paid MasterCard account that can be accessed for mobile payments. The purpose is to allow individuals to be…

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