Google faces Play Store antitrust suit from several US states

Google Building - Play Store Lawsuit

There have been four American lawsuits of this nature over the Android app shop in the last year. State attorneys general are once again pursing Google with an antitrust suit over its Play Store, alleging an abuse of power over Android application developers. This is the fourth suit of its nature lodged by US state governments in the last 12 months. This lawsuit’s target of the Play Store means that the states have sued Google’s business with the greatest similarity to Apple’s. The App Store has faced its own fair…

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Multi-Platform “Hybrid” Mobile Apps Emerge

Mobile App Builder

Lotte Card, a credit card company from South Korea, has come up with a solution to the struggle faced by mobile app developers that has limited them to the choice of either developing apps that function over multiple platforms or coming up with a sophisticated custom app – but not both. Though mobile apps are already possible for multi-platform use, one of the most significant problems that are faced with their development is that there was a limit to the sophistication that was possible for apps that would function across…

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