Mobile security is inadequate among American devices

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This, despite the fact that the average person in the United States does fear having gadgets hacked. The vast majority of people in the United States – that is, 69 percent – fee that a mobile security breach that caused their personal information to be stolen is something that is inevitable in their lifetimes, says a report issued by Citrix. That said, even though they feel that their odds of being hacked are high, their smartphones are primarily unprotected. Even though there have been some very high profile cyber attacks…

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Smartphone technology penetration in the U.S. breaks previous records

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comScore has recently released its data regarding the ownership of mobile phones. According to the some of the latest figures that have been released by comScore, smartphone technology has now reached a penetration rate in the United States that is far greater than it has ever been. This report took the figures into account for the quarter that came to a close on October 31. The comScore MobiLens and the Mobile Metrix are now available. They are providers of the key trends in terms of the U.S. smartphone technology industry.…

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