Smartwatches from Samsung just keep on coming

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The mobile device maker has now announced that more wearable technology is on its way.

Samsung has now announced that it has new smartwatches lined up for the not too distant future, and that these new wearable technology devices will be based on the Android Wear operating system.

Despite the fact that Galaxy Gear and Gear Fit are already moving up, more wearables are in the pipes.

It Is becoming increasingly clear that smartwatches are Samsung is throwing itself behind wearable technology and that it is attempting to establish itself as a market leader even as this market is in its infancy. The first release of this type of device from the company, the Galaxy Gear, received less than enthusiastic reviews. It was interesting in that it was novel, but its slow gesture control and its notification system were essentially disappointing to consumers. Despite that fact, it remained the best selling gadget line in its category in 2013. This year’s Gear 2 and Gear Fit are already set to be big, but the company isn’t stopping there.

According to reports from Samsung, it plans to release its fifth smartwatches before the end of 2014.

Samsung smartwatches gadgets galaxy gear wearable technologyThe senior vice president of the product strategy team at Samsung, Yoon Han-kil, has revealed that these new wearables are not only on their way within the upcoming months, but that they will also run on the Android Wear operating system from Google.


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This is notable because the previous wearable technology gadgets from Samsung have all used different operating systems. The very first Galaxy Gear to have been released operated on its very own customized version of the Android OS. The recently launched Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo move away from the Google software and switched over to the Tizen operating system, which is Samsung’s own option. The Gear Fit has its own unique real time operating system that was customized for that specific device.

By bringing Android Wear into the mix, it will mean that Samsung smartwatches will actually have four different operating systems going within the line of its wearable technology devices that have all been released within a short span of time.

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  1. Ian

    Hmm 4 different operating systems and they’ll probably still only work with Samsung devices. No thanks Samsung, I’ll buy a smart watch that will work with any Android phone.

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