The Best Ways to Modernize Your Business

modernize your business 4 easy steps

Are you looking to modernize your business? Businesses always need to be looking for ways to modernize; otherwise, you will fall behind the times and the competition. You will struggle to keep up with the ever-changing wants and needs of the customer and make work much harder for your team. Modernizing can bring a multitude of benefits to any business, but it can also be challenging and ongoing work, so it is an area that many organizations struggle with. With this in mind, here are a few of the best…

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Social media marketing experts love the counter-intuitive nature of The Prosperity Algorithm

live webinar with jason fladlien social media marketers

SEO specialists and webmasters have also been registering for this free Jason Fladlien webinar. Social media marketing experts are known for flying in the face of the conventional and redefining the way things are done.  This helps to explain why they are finding such appeal in The Prosperity Algorithm free webinar and are registering in numbers. This webinar takes a closer look at just what prosperity truly is and the 10 factors that comprise it. Jason Fladlien, the “100-million-dollar webinar man” understand that perspective.  He gets why social media marketing…

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School library QR codes help kids with contactless browsing

School library QR codes - library shelves with books

An Alden, New York teacher created 150 quick response barcodes to make it easier to peruse books. A teacher from Alden, New York has generated 150 school library QR codes to support students who want to use the resources in a touch-free way. This allows students to access these resources and books while reducing the spread of germs. The library media specialist at Alden High School wanted to reduce the need to touch the books. Ann Sobol from Alden High School came up with the idea for the school library…

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