Yiying Lu brings QR codes to the periodic table

QR Code Periodic Table

QR Code Periodic Table

Walls 360 introduces new QR coded Periodic Table digital design

Walls 360, a creator of on-demand wall graphics lead by artist Yiying Lu, has released a series of new wall graphics designed with education in mind. Yiying Lu, acclaimed creator of Twitter’s “Fail Whale,” designed the new wall graphics. The periodic table of elements is featured in one of the designs from Lu, who notes that the graphics are fully interactive and contain digital content that can be accessed through smart phone.

Yiying Lu aims to provide tech-savvy youth with access to engaging educational materials

Lu, who is the co-founder and creative director for Walls 360, notes that the new Periodic Table graphics are designed to help teach the fundamentals of chemistry. Lu has incorporated 131 QR codes into the design, each linking to Wikipedia entries concerning the particular element they are associated with. The designer hopes that this new take on the periodic table will open the way to a more engaging form of education.

Mobile technology continues to become more common with younger generations

Mobile technology is becoming more and more common with the younger generation. Young students are growing up in environments that are dominated by various forms of technology and many are happy owners of their own smart phones. The QR codes featured on the Period Table graphics can be scanned with a QR scanning application, which is an inherent feature for some mobile devices. The Periodic Table may be able to provide more engagement for young students by exploiting the fact that they have smart phones.

Periodic Table design available under Creative Commons License

Yiying Lu notes that Walls 360 is committed to supporting educators around the world. Lu is keen to ensure that the innovative Periodic Table is available for teachers no matter where they may be. As such, the Periodic Table digital designs have been made available for worldwide use under a Creative Commons License. Yiying Lu has also designed a variety of other wall graphics that feature maps and letters of the English alphabet.

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