Walls 360 once again shows off the effectiveness of QR code promotions

QR Code Art and Marketing

QR Code Art and Marketing

Walls 360 leverages QR codes to create new promotional materials

QR codes have become quite attractive for marketers and artists around the world. The codes feature a striking, black and white design that has piqued the interest of artists who are looking to create more interactive experiences. Recently, art and marketing have been coming together in the form of QR codes. Walls 360, a design firm specializing in wall graphics, has once again shown how art and QR codes can be used in a new campaign from ARTLOG, a contemporary art publication.

ARTLOG to make use of materials designed by Yiying Lu

ARTLOG has tapped Walls 360 to create a series of wall graphics and logos that will be used to promote the publication and its sponsors and partners. Walls 360 Creative Direct, Yiying Lu, who is well known as the creator of Twitter’s “Fail Whale,” is behind the creation of the coded promotional tools that will be used by ARTLOG. These badges, re-positionable wall graphics, and other materials will be utilized at art venues and events throughout the world.

Codes to provide consumers with access to information and content

The Walls 360 materials will feature QR codes as well as other thematic elements that are meant to appeal to lovers of art. The codes that are associated with the promotional materials are likely functional and can be scanned with a smart phone equipped with a barcode scanning application. The codes may direct consumers to online content or websites where they can find more information on ARTLOG and its partners or the artwork that is being promoted at the events that company is participating in. The materials from Walls 360 are also to be used to promote The Grey Area, an online art retailer.

Art and QR codes again prove to be a winning combination

QR codes have proven to be an effective way for companies to promote themselves. The codes are beginning to gain more traction in the art world. This popularity is being driven by the interactive nature of QR codes. Walls 360 has established itself as a leader in leveraging the interactivity of QR codes and has proven the combination of the codes with art can be a successful pairing.

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