When will iPhone 5 be launched?

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Whenever another iPhone’s launch is imminent, theories begin to circulate among experts in the industry. With iPhone 5 on its way, there are two theories that are leading the rest, though Apple isn’t saying anything to confirm or deny either of them.

The first prevailing theory is that iPhone 5 will make its appearance at the beginning of October, possibly in its first week, making presales available to consumers even before Friday, September 9. It is also believed, by some who claim to have obtained a leaked Best Buy document, that Sprint will be releasing the mobile device during the first week of October.

However, the leaked document does not appear to be an official release announcement, and is instead a speculation regarding the launch date of the iPhone 5. Furthermore, the document itself stated that the dates are subject to change.

One of the main flaws that experts are seeing in the prediction from the Best Buy document is that invitations to a press event have not yet been distributed by Apple. It is unlikely that presales of the device would become available before Apple had made any form of live presentation of the device. That said, Apple may choose to host a press event within the next few days, or it may not hold one at all. As it stands, there is no evidence to support either potential scenario.

The second theory says that the iPhone 5 will become available on October 21, as Best Buy intends to create a large Apple display for that date, in at least one of its stores. This report is based on a blog from an individual linked to the electronics chain, and explained that the Apple installation will be an unusual one, as it will require a manager to be in the store at 6 a.m., well ahead of the typical time. This is similar to Best Buy’s actions for the launch of the iPhone 4.

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