Mobile service carriers offer free wireless to Hurricane Harvey victims

mobile service carriers

As the companies struggle to keep their networks going, they have offered their services free until September 1. Mobile service carriers T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon announced that people in areas struck by Hurricane Harvey will receive free wireless services. The companies were all battling to get their services up and running and to keep them that way, but they have promised customers will not be charged during that time. Equally, AT&T has announced that it will issue credits to people using its network in areas hit by the hurricane. The…

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CEOs dive into social media marketing brawl over Super Bowl ads

social media marketing fight battle twitter

The chief execs of T-Mobile and Sprint entered into a public battle of tweets over their respective commercials. During the Super Bowl, the CEOs of both T-Mobile and Sprint openly and publicly brawled with each other in a social media marketing battle that raged on over their respective television commercials. The first shot was made by the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, with a tweet following Sprint’s ad. Legere was quick to tweet “Half-assed commercial, half-assed data speeds. #typical @sprint. #SprintLikeHell.” At the time, he was using social media marketing…

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Mobile devices can be traded in at Sprint and T-Mobile

mobile technology payments money

Both companies are battling for consumer favor as they offer $300 discounts on handset purchases. Sprint has jumped into direct competition in their marketing campaign that allows consumers to bring their old mobile devices in order to obtain a significant discount on purchasing new ones with them. The company has guaranteed to meet or beat all trade in values offered by its competitors. Not too long beforehand, T-Mobile had made the same type of guarantee for trade ins of mobile devices. In Sprint’s deal, effective right away, consumers are able…

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Mobile consumers may be losing out on millions because of fees

Mobile Consumers

Report finds that mobile consumers are being taken advantage of in the US Consumers in the U.S. may have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal charges that have been issued by various sources that offer questionable services and content. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee has released a report highlighting these fees and the financial pressure they have introduced to consumers throughout the country. The report notes that these illegal fees typically originate from small companies that charge fees for ringtones and news updates. Large mobile service providers…

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Sprint conference to highlight capabilities of NFC technology

nfc technology

NFC technology playing a large role in evolution of mobile business Telecommunications giant Sprint is slated to host its 12th annual Open Solutions Conference at the end of this month in San Jose, California. The event is known for hosting various presentations concerning the telecommunications ecosystem around the world. This year, however, those attending the event will not just be hearing from industry experts, they will also be hearing from large retail brands, advertising agencies, and venture capitalists. These groups will be touching on the changes that are coming to…

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Sprint to develop mobile wallet platform

sprint news

Mobile commerce continues to be a popular field for telecom companies The mobile wallet arena is beginning to grow crowded as more telecommunications and mobile technologies companies announce plans to develop their own NFC-based applications capable of facilitating mobile payments. These applications go hand-in-hand with NFC, using the technology to enable consumers to make purchases for goods and services using the financial information linked to the mobile wallet. Though NFC is not the only option for mobile wallet applications, as proven by PayPal, it has become the most popular technology…

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Sprint to offer Samsung’s Galaxy S III this year

Galaxy S III NFC Technology

Galaxy S III’s NFC capabilities highlighted by Sprint Telecommunications giant Sprint has announced that it will begin carrying Samsung’s new Galaxy S III later this month. Though Sprint will not be the only company offering the Galaxy S III, it will be the first to include Google’s Wallet mobile payment platform with the phone. The Galaxy S III is equipped with an NFC chip that allows it to make mobile transactions, a feature that has been gaining interest amongst consumers for some time. The Galaxy S III boasts of several…

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Verizon Wireless shuns Google’s Wallet – hope still lies with Sprint

Mobile Commerce

Telecommunications giant Verizon Wireless has announced that it will not support Google’s ambitious mobile payment applications, called Google Wallet. Verizon is set to compete with Google for control of the emerging mobile commerce industry. The company is part of a triumvirate, which included AT&T and T-Mobile, which is working to build the mobile payment platform known as Isis. With Verizon choosing not to support Google’s platform, the technology company’s last hope remains with Sprint. Google has worked hard to promote its mobile payment platform and consumers have shown some favor…

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When will iPhone 5 be launched?

ipad news

Whenever another iPhone’s launch is imminent, theories begin to circulate among experts in the industry. With iPhone 5 on its way, there are two theories that are leading the rest, though Apple isn’t saying anything to confirm or deny either of them. The first prevailing theory is that iPhone 5 will make its appearance at the beginning of October, possibly in its first week, making presales available to consumers even before Friday, September 9. It is also believed, by some who claim to have obtained a leaked Best Buy document,…

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Businesses are moving in on mobile payments market

Mobile Payments

A number of well recognized companies, as well as smaller businesses that are far less well known, are now vying to become the head of the practical mobile payment marketplace. According to research director for commercial banking and payments, Andy Schmidt, from TowerGroup, “The promise of the mobile wallet is you’ll be able to manage your entire financial life from a single device.” One of the major players in the mobile payment game has been Google, right from the start. In May, it unveiled its test pilot for Google Wallet.…

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Mobibucks takes step toward cash-free future

Mobile Payments market trends

Mobibucks, a company based in Louisville, Kentucky, has announced that it believes that its technology will play an important role in the upcoming trend toward cashless payments made with a mobile phone.   The Mobibucks technology allows a shopper to use his or her smartphone for making payments at physical brick-and-mortar stores using nothing more than a mobile number and a PIN.   As of yet, members of Mobibucks can’t yet use this technology in order to pay for the products they want to buy using their American bank accounts.  So far,…

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