Apple lawsuit filed by customers with slowed iPhones

woman with iphone apple lawsuit

Smartphone owners with models owner than the iPhone 8 are experiencing a deliberate slowdown. Many iPhone owners are not thrilled with their device maker and two separate versions of a class action Apple lawsuit have been filed. These legal actions were taken by a total of five iPhone owners who didn’t appreciate their slow smartphones. Apple had deliberately slowed the processors of devices with older batteries in order to preserve them. The Apple lawsuit isn’t over something that the iPhone maker denies doing. In fact, Apple openly admits to slowing…

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Apple patent hints at future of mobile payments

Apple mobile payments

Apple may be ready to get involved in NFC A new patent filed by Apple suggests that the company may be moving forward with its tentative mobile commerce plans. Apple has opted to take a cautious approach to the issue of mobile payments, having taken note of the serious security issues that are related to this practice. In recent years, the mobile space has been flooded with security problems that have caused significant financial damage to consumers and businesses alike. Mobile commerce has become an attractive target for hackers, and…

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Apple’s Passbook may already be a powerful mobile commerce platform

Mobile Commerce Apple Passbook mobile wallet

Apple’s plans for mobile commerce are no secret Apple has been somewhat cautious when it comes to the matter of mobile commerce. The company does have an interest in the field, but has expressed concerns when it comes to the level of security that exists in the mobile commerce field as it exists currently. Much of mobile commerce is based on NFC technology, which facilitates the transmission of digital information over short distances. While NFC has aided the emergence of mobile commerce, it has also attracted numerous malicious parties to…

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Next iPhone may be equipped with NFC technology

nfc technology

NFC technology could be features in next generation iPhone New rumors have already begun to circulate concerning the next iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2012 and production on the iPhone 5S is expected to begin in the coming weeks. Despite the fact that the smartphone is still fresh to the market, Apple may already have plans to develop a powerful new iPhone that will take the popular brand into a new generation. This time, the smartphone may actually include NFC technology. Rumors point…

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Mobile payments using NFC to become possible in iPhones

TouchPay iphone mobile payments

Though the technology was notably lacking in the latest release, it hasn’t held back RBS and NatWest. Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 was released without an NFC chip, this omission hasn’t stopped RBS and NatWest from coming up with a way to step around the issue and provide mobile payments based on the technology. A protective cover with built-in near field communication technology that fits iPhone 5, 4, and 4s is their solution. The technology is among the most controversial of the omissions from the latest iPhone released…

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NFC and fingerprints may be central to mobile payments from Apple

Apple virtual reality

The iPhone manufacturer is looking at the Australian company, causing many brows to raise. Rumors about NFC technology and mobile payments options with the added security of fingerprint scanning have been flying as Apple has shown an interest in an Australian company that is working on this form of “biosecurity”. This has been especially interesting following the release of the iPhone 5, which omitted NFC entirely. Many have wondered about Apple’s decision not to include NFC technology in its latest device, and there has been no shortage of expressions of disappointment…

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MasterCard released PayPass SDK for app developers

NFC Mobile Payments Mastercard QR Code PayPass MasterPass

MasterCard continues to show support for NFC technology Most of the world’s major financial institutions have shown their support for NFC technology. MasterCard is no different, but the credit giant has been more conservative in its approach to the technology than its competitors. NFC technology is most commonly associated with mobile commerce, a growing industry that has the potential to change the way consumers make payments for goods and services. The popularity of the technology has been marred by concerns regarding safety and efficiency, causing many in the financial services…

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Absentee NFC in iPhone 5 may hurt banks more than Apple

mobile payments technology

iPhone 5 may be missed opportunity for banks looking to promote mobile commerce Earlier this month, Apple officially unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 5. Among the numerous features included in the company’s latest iteration of its popular smart phone, the absence of NFC technology received a great deal of attention. Apple has chosen not to include NFC technology in the new iPhone 5 because of reasons concerning security and the concept that the technology does not solve any problems consumers are facing today. Apple has been criticized for its snub…

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Mobile payments standard not included in iPhone 5

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

NFC has not made its way into the latest Apple device, causing many to question the technology. Near field communication technology (NFC) has already been facing a great deal of struggle to get started, and now this would-be standard for mobile payments has taken another blow with the announcement that the chips are not embedded into the iPhone 5. Now, the prospect of using smartphones as wallets is becoming more heavily questioned. Advocates of NFC had high hopes that Apple would give its endorsement. They were greatly disappointed, though, when…

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Apple debuts iPhone 5

iphone 5

iPhone 5 officially announced by Apple Apple has officially announced its iPhone 5. For months, rumors have raged throughout the Internet regarding the mobile device and its capabilities. Many of these rumors hinted at the device would be equipped with NFC technology. These rumors were largely based on information concerning the Passbook application, which is to be a significant feature of the iOS 6 operating system, as well as leaked photographs showing the construction of the mobile device. Apple has revealed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in…

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iPhone 5 may not feature NFC technology

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

Anandtech investigates NFC technology and the iPhone 5 Apple has remained quiet as to its plans with NFC technology and the iPhone 5. When images showing off the front assembly of the iPhone 5 were leaked earlier this week, many concluded that the issue had been laid to rest and that the mobile device would include the technology. Some technology companies have published reports concerning the matter, claiming that the iPhone 5 will not be equipped with NFC technology when it is released. Anandtech, an online computer magazine, took a…

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