Virgin Media announces new augmented reality applications

Virgin Media

Virgin Media

Virgin Media introduced Unmissable App

Acclaimed telecommunications and media company Virgin Media has set its sights on augmented reality. The company has long had its hands in various types of technology and has taken a keen interest in the interactive nature of augmented reality. As such, Virgin Media has announced that it will be released a new mobile augmented reality application next month. The Unmissable App, as it is being called, is meant to promote further engagement with the brand and highlight the growing importance of AR content.

Company looks to expand on the success of its previous AR endeavor

Virgin Media has some experience in the field of mobile augmented reality applications. Earlier this year, the publishing arm of the company released an AR app for the Virgin Media Magazine. The magazine featured a wide array of digital content that could be unlocked using the app. This content including a welcome video from Virgin founder Richard Branson, as well as movie trailers and other interactive experiences. The Unmissable App is designed to expand on the concepts introduced by its predecessor and engage consumers in a new way.

App to be available for iOS and Android platforms

The mobile augmented reality application is part of the company’s integrated customer communications program, which aims to promote engagement with consumers. Virgin Media currently plans to release the application for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. The app will allow consumers to access an array of digital content using their smart phones or other mobile devices that are equipped with a camera. Exactly what this content will be is not yet known, but the app will also be linked to the Virgin Media Magazine.

Demand for AR grows

Augmented reality continues to grow in popularity amongst consumers. This trend is encouraging more companies to adopt the technology into their operations. Thus far, mobile augmented reality applications appear to be the most popular use of the technology in the effort to connect with consumers.

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