Virgin Media announces new augmented reality applications

Virgin Media

Virgin Media introduced Unmissable App Acclaimed telecommunications and media company Virgin Media has set its sights on augmented reality. The company has long had its hands in various types of technology and has taken a keen interest in the interactive nature of augmented reality. As such, Virgin Media has announced that it will be released a new mobile augmented reality application next month. The Unmissable App, as it is being called, is meant to promote further engagement with the brand and highlight the growing importance of AR content. Company looks…

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Ypulse study shows mobile technology is not popular amongst teens

Mobile Technology and Teens

A new study from Ypulse, a marketing and research firm aimed at youth, suggests that teens may be more confused by augmented reality than they are about QR codes. Augmented reality is currently a craze for a number of industries. Game developers and marketers are using the technology to create new experiences for consumers, but their efforts to expose younger people to the technology have not been going well. The study shows that only 11% of high school and college students have used augmented reality mobile application. More have used…

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