How QR code marketing works for different businesses and causes

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Does your business know how to use mobile barcodes to its best advantage?

Businesses that have decided to take on QR code marketing have taken only the first step into making sure that they are getting the most out of their communications with mobile consumers.

This is because they need to give consumers a reason to take action once they’ve scanned the barcode.

It isn’t enough simply to have a smartphone user scan your quick response code, see that you have a website, and then move on. You need to create a call to action that will make sure that scanning is only the first step in a series of stages toward a purchase. Though charities may be able to simply send their scanners directly to a donation page, convincing people to buy something will usually take another step.

To begin with, your statement must be eye catching and profound, so that it isn’t simply ignored.

The mobile consumer gives only a few brief seconds of attention before he or she will look away and become interested in something else. Therefore, those first few seconds must count. For most retail stores, this means that QR code marketing should resolve to an offer that the consumer finds appealing. This might mean a discount coupon, an exclusive sale, or a limited time offer.

Some examples of efforts that have been successful in using quick response codes to encourage people to take further action include the following:

• Immowelt – a major German real estate portal has used the barcodes to encourage people to use their service to find bigger apartments in the various cities of the country. It drew attention by itself by attaching the furniture from a typical room, cut in half, to a building wall. The halved pieces give the appearance that their remainders might actually be on the other side of the wall. These building façade displays were designed to make it look as though the apartments were too small to hold the furniture, and featured a QR code which resolved to the top options at the company’s mobile site.

• Cannes Lions Festival – the Palais des Festivals featured a massive banner, this year, which featured QR code marketing, with a barcode that encouraged visitors to the premiere event to scan it using their smartphones. This barcode resolved to an inspirational video.


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