Current mobile commerce trends are giving offline retail a shot in the arm

Mobile Commerce trends

Though some have predicted that smartphone shopping will harm foot traffic to stores, the opposite may be true. Local retailers have always relied the most heavily on foot traffic, but many have been afraid that mobile commerce trends would start to steal those customers away, sending them to shop online or at larger rivals, instead. That said, measures of marketing and m-commerce habits are revealing that this is not the case. Instead, mobile commerce trends may actually be helping retailers of all sizes, particularly when it comes to shopping in-store.…

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Mobile commerce platform from Swirl to reinvent in-store experience

Swirl mobile app

Shopping at brick and mortar locations may undergo a revolutionary change. Swirl has now launched a new form of mobile commerce platform that brings the technologies of smartphones, social, and web together in order to improve the shopping experience offline. Offline purchasing still makes up over 90 percent of retail sales. By combining in-store shopping with the mobile commerce experience, it enhances one with the other for an improved overall engagement for a greater likelihood of shopping, and of larger overall purchases. According to Hilmi Ozguc, the CEO and founder…

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How retailers are taking their first steps into the mobile commerce world


When new technology comes into common use, it isn’t always obvious how it should best be used, and mobile commerce is no exception, but retailers – both online and in actual physical space – have been making their first attempts at using smartphones and tablets to their best advantage, each in their own ways. Retailers weren’t typically a part of the first wave of commerce. There were a few trailblazers, but other than that, mobile devices weren’t at all a part of their strategies, especially among those who weren’t online…

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Study shows Apple, Amazon, and Dell take the top spots for mobile consumer satisfaction

Mobile Commerce

According to the results of a study performed by ForeSee, mobile shoppers were most satisfied with the experience provided by online retail giants Apple, Amazon, and Dell. ForeSee accumulated adequate data to achieve a solid and statistically reliable score for mobile satisfaction among the top 16 American online retailers. The score was based on 100 points and compared the mobile experience with that of the traditional web. There was a significant margin between Apple, which had the highest score, and Sears, which had the lowest among the top 16. Apple’s…

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