Retail mobile payments can help to reshape the customer in-store experience

Retail Mobile Payments - Shopping in-store - shop with Open sign

Retailers have been working to achieve an improved unattended shopping experience. Achieving an improved customer experience is leading stores to embrace retail mobile payments. Retailers are attempting to improve the customer experience through the use of technology. The hope is to offer greater conveniences without having to hire more staff. A great deal of this focus has been placed on the integration of a frictionless point-of-sale payment. The interest in retail mobile payments made the topic one of the best attended informational sessions at the Las Vegas Convention Center for…

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Retail mobile payments implementation aren’t living up to intentions

retail Mobile payments American Express

A recent AMEX survey showed a considerable gap between a company’s plans and actual execution. AMEX recently held a survey looking into the intentions and implementation of retail mobile payments. The research showed that Canadian retailers have a considerable gap between what they plan to do and what they’re actually doing. The AMEX survey showed that 76 percent of merchants believed that m-commerce is “the way of the future.” That said, Canadian businesses aren’t actually implementing the retail mobile payments into their own operations, for the most part. “There seems…

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QR code payments app rolls out at Kohl’s

qr code standard mobile payments

The retail chain has launched its own proprietary wallet application in stores nationwide. Kohl’s has announced the nationwide rollout of its QR code payments app. This will allow customers to pay for in-store purchases using their smartphones. The new feature has been integrated into the existing mobile application and is called Kohl’s Pay. This makes Kohl’s the latest among a string of large retailers that are choosing to offer their own mobile payments. The QR code payments app will make it possible for “more than 25m active cardholders” to be…

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Mobile payments could succeed if they prove to be simple, flexible and convenient

NFC mastercard Facebook Messenger QR codes

A recent study by MasterCard has shown that these are the primary features sought by consumers. MasterCard has now released the results of a study that has shown that in terms of mobile payments, consumers are seeking methods that are flexible, simple, and convenient among the new innovations that they would be willing to consider when they pay for products at retail locations. This is important insight to be considered by companies that are presently or soon to be in this market. As retailers and other companies move toward mobile…

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NFC technology is not out of the question for MCX mobile payments system

mobile pay nfc technology

CurrentC is based on scanning QR codes, at the moment, but this may not be the case forever. CEO of MCX, Dekkers Davidson, has now stated that while the design of the mobile payments system has been based on QR codes until now, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they will head in other directions, such as with NFC technology, the choice of many of their top rivals. Large retailers across the U.S. recently made news by turning of their NFC readers to block Apple Pay.…

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US retailers choose mobile payments with QR codes over Apple Pay

iphone 6 apple pay qr codes mobile security

Many large companies have disabled the NFC readers from their point of sale terminals. Large retailers across the United States have made the move to block Apple pay through the disabling of the NFC readers at their POS terminals, as they work to complete their own mobile payments transactions solution that will be based on QR codes. A recent report has shown that giants such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy and Rite Aid are stopping Apple Pay. These retailers, and others, have modified their POS terminals in order to block…

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Study shows retailers are struggling to embrace mobile payments

mobile payments technology

Retailers are falling short when it comes to mobile commerce and engaging mobile consumers Deloitte Digital, a leading digital consulting firm, has released a new study focused on the mobile commerce sector. The study highlights the relationship that retailers have with mobile commerce and what they are doing to engage consumers in the mobile space. A growing number of consumers are embracing the concept of mobile payments, turning to their smartphones and tablets to get their shopping done. Retailers are working to accommodate the needs of these consumers, but many…

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Retail mobile payments in South Africa are leading the way

africa mobile technology

These shops are at the head of the crowd on a worldwide scale in terms of enabling the technology. Although the dream of retail mobile payments is only barely just getting started in North America and is seeing considerable resistance from consumers and stores, alike, this is not the case in South Africa, where merchants are leading the way for receiving transactions through the use of smartphones. Among the largest obstacles that this technology had previously seen was the complexity of its nature. However, today, the technology for placing credit…

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Mobile payments trial to start with the hopes of Marks & Spencer

Mobile payments platform

The small pilot program is being held by the retailer, which is hopeful that it will be successful. Marks & Spencer, the massive British retailer, made considerable mobile payments headlines recently when a report wrongfully indicated that it was adding a new app that was deploying smartphone based transactions throughout. Instead, the story is similar, but it is quite different, as it has started a small trial program. The mobile payments trial began with the launch of the M&S Digital Lab app, which occurred in February. This was a part…

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Mobile payments service launched by Sionic for national retailers

mobile payments technology

The system has been compared to what is currently available at Starbucks for purchase transactions and loyalty rewards. Sionic has just announced that its Sionic Ion Rewards app will now allow consumers to be able to make mobile payments for purchases in a way that is comparable to the successful method used by Starbucks. The massive coffee chain uses its smartphone app and prepaid cards to allow consumers to buy. The café’s shops receive approximately 3 million mobile payments every week, according to its own statistics. It has predicted that…

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Mobile payments drive in retail sector outlined by eBay

mobile payments John Donahoe, CEO of ebay

The massive online marketplace has ambitious intentions for testing the use of its services. eBay has now announced its intentions to put considerable testing into place in order to measure the behaviors of consumers who use its mobile payments services while they are in stores and restaurants throughout 2013. This is because its plans include the doubling of the current size of its PayPal business. According to the chief executive of eBay, John Donahoe, “Mobile is becoming the new normal.” He discussed a new partnership that the company has just…

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