NFC technology is not out of the question for MCX mobile payments system

mobile pay nfc technology

CurrentC is based on scanning QR codes, at the moment, but this may not be the case forever.

CEO of MCX, Dekkers Davidson, has now stated that while the design of the mobile payments system has been based on QR codes until now, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they will head in other directions, such as with NFC technology, the choice of many of their top rivals.

Large retailers across the U.S. recently made news by turning of their NFC readers to block Apple Pay.

Davidson stated that “We’re agnostic about technology. We started with QR code-based technology that allows us to go to market broadly. If we need, we can pivot to NFC.” What this implies is that if retailers turn out to have a preference for using mobile payments systems based on NFC technology, as is used by Apple Pay, Google Wallet, SoftCard, and a few other options, then CurrentC could also make the switch.

Aside from NFC technology, Davidson noted that MCX retailers are interested in Bluetooth Low-Energy solutions.

mobile pay nfc technologyAt the moment CurrentC is simply looking into “other technology that goes beyond QR codes,” said Davidson, and the mobile wallet is working with retailers to find out which options will be the most practical and popular.

MCX retailers had recently taken down their NFC readers in order to block other methods of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, which was only just recently launched in the United States. While the New York Times alleged that it is likely that MCX would require retailers to pay fees for breaking their agreements for exclusivity if using other mobile payments methods, Davidson responded to that by saying that while he was aware of this allegation from the highly reputed newspaper, “it’s simply not true, there are no fines”.

Among the retailers that are a part of MCX are some of the largest in the country, such as CVS, Target, Rite-Aid, and Wal-Mart, among many other leading chains. These companies will all be involved in a process that will decide whether the CurrentC mobile wallet will be based on QR codes, NFC technology, Bluetooth Low-Energy, or something else that has not yet been identified, when it finally launches.

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