Census QR code campaign at Brooklyn hospital helps patients scan and complete

Census QR code - United States Census 2020 phamplet

Maimonides Hospital is encouraging patients to scan quick response codes before the deadline. Maimonides Hospital staff in Brooklyn have launched a census QR code campaign to make it easier for patients and staffers alike to complete their form before the deadline this month. The quick response barcode was first launched three weeks ago, and now they’ve made another push. The census QR code posters are displayed in areas where patients, staff, and even people walking by the hospital are all likely to see them. Whether they’re stopping to rest or…

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QR code posters in New Zealand cause scanning challenges

QR code posters - QR code on advertisement

The government’s NZ COVID Tracer app has led to a number of struggles and complaints. Since the New Zealand government launched its NZ COVID Tracer app, people have complained of struggles in scanning the QR code posters. Reports have found that there are many quick response codes that cannot be scanned by the app. At the same time, it appears that the NZ COVID Tracer application also contains a number of software bugs that affect the way it functions. The app was first launched on Wednesday. It provides a type…

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QR codes bring high hopes to event organizers

qr codes trends

The quick response codes are going to be used at a small city event in the hope of making it the biggest yet. Although the Passport to Unity festival has already been held seven times in Sault Sainte Marie, Canada, the hopes of the organizers are that the eighth one will be the biggest one yet, in part because of the inclusion of QR codes to help to enhance the experience. The official organizers feel that the extra effort will make the difference and that “it’s going to be huge!”…

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Kimberly-Clark launches new QR code campaign to keep patients safe while in the hospital

QR Code Patient Safety Education Program

Kimberly-Clark, a U.S. corporation that primarily produces paper products but has ventures in the health care industry, has announced the launching of a new QR code campaign called the QR Code Patient Safety Education Program. The company is working with the Safe Care Campaign, an organization that works to eliminate hospital acquired infections. Together, the two organizations aim to help patients educate themselves while staying at hospitals or other health care facilities. They believe that QR codes are the best way to accomplish this aim because of the widespread ownership…

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MillerCoors uses QR codes for campaign for drinking responsibly

QR Code Call for a Cab

MillerCoors has just launched a new campaign in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations and that they intend to use into the new year as an innovative new technique using QR codes to remind consumers to enjoy their alcoholic beverages in a responsible way. The beer manufacturers are working with restaurants and bars in the Seattle area to encourage the use of their program called “Click-It-2-Ride”. This safety program has to do with adding QR code displays to various locations within participating restaurants and bars so that their patrons can…

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