Mindshare Technologies announces more user-friendly QR code feature

Mobile Marketing Analytics

Mindshare Technologies has announced the launch of a new QR code feature that is very user friendly, and that this will be the latest addition to its enterprise feedback management platform, which has been called one of the best in the industry. This new support for QR codes makes it possible for Mindshare’s clients to provide a simple method for their customers to give immediate feedback about their experience with the business and the products. The QR codes connect the customer with a mobile optimized survey that can be accessed…

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Designer QR codes show up all over LA promoting new movie

QR Code Poster

The practice of promoting films through QR codes is becoming more and more popular. Usually, the codes are tucked away in the corner of posters and other print material. However, there may be promise in using a designer code as the focal point of the promotional effort. Such a code is in use for the upcoming movie Bob and the Monster – a documentary about musician Bob Forrest and his struggle with drug addiction. The posters are popping up all over Los Angeles, California, and the QR code taking up…

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Indie rock band Burning Shapes the first to release an entire album through QR codes

Burning Shapes Video

Innovation counts for a lot in the music industry. Performers are constantly fighting to eke out some kind of uniqueness in a field that is rife with like-minded creatives. In bygone years, artists formed rambunctious and audacious personas to stand out from amongst their peers. Now, however, mobile technology could serve this purpose far better. There can be no doubt that society is becoming increasingly enthralled by mobile technology, and that presents artists with a prime opportunity to do something that few have done before. Burning Shapes, an indie rock…

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New enterprise with fresh opportunity for all types of businesses

AngelPad, a platform connecting ambitious startups with enterprising investors, held another of their famous Demo Days yesterday. Thirteen promising companies, ranging from car insurance to search engine startups, were presented to more than 100 potential investors. The thirteen were chosen from amongst a pool of more than 800 applicants. A number of companies that were represented at AngelPad’s Demo Day made use of QR codes. Many marketers are beginning to rely on the codes as a way to engage consumers as mobile technology becomes a more integrated part of their…

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Plans move forward for ShareSquare

  Los Angeles based company, ShareSquare, announced funds raised for their beta mobile QR code platform. The company has received $150,000 from investors with a total $500,000 needed to be fully funded. The company is focusing mainly around the music and entertainment business. Their services in tale promotional goods like posters, flyers, bumper stickers especially designed for music artists with QR code technology. This allows for fans to peruse through related information, exclusive content (ads placed within), music videos, and contests…all via a web based app. Also, with this cutting…

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