MillerCoors uses QR codes for campaign for drinking responsibly

QR Code Call for a Cab

QR Code Call for a Cab
MillerCoors has just launched a new campaign in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations and that they intend to use into the new year as an innovative new technique using QR codes to remind consumers to enjoy their alcoholic beverages in a responsible way.

The beer manufacturers are working with restaurants and bars in the Seattle area to encourage the use of their program called “Click-It-2-Ride”. This safety program has to do with adding QR code displays to various locations within participating restaurants and bars so that their patrons can use their smartphones to scan the barcodes and be automatically connected with a cab company.

By scanning the QR code, smartphone users will be able to speed dial a taxi and will also be redirected to various links that will provide them with information about safe and responsible drinking.

The hope is that if this MillerCoors program is successful, they will be able to widen their Click-It-2-Ride QR code program into other states, was well, so that these successes can be replicated in other cities across the country.

As the number of drunk driving accidents continues to increase every year, this is considered to be an intelligent move on the part of alcoholic beverage distributors such as MillerCoors, and can help to promote better safe driving awareness in the holiday season and the rest of the year.

Furthermore, it helps bar and restaurant customers to more conveniently contact taxi companies, so that it is easier for them to make the safe choice.

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