QR codes on rental cars can improve the customer experience

QR Codes Used For Car

These companies are using quick response codes in a number of ways to assist their drivers. Among the latest trends in the use of QR codes has been that of rental car companies that have been posting the barcodes on and in their vehicles, so that they will be able to learn more about the vehicle that they have rented. Moreover, these quick response codes can even direct the driver to a dealership that is local to them. That feature can be very handy for drivers who have rented the…

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App uses QR codes to pay consumers for their attention

tourist qr codes scanner

A new service called PiggyPeg has been designed to reward smartphone users for visiting designated sites. A mobile app called PiggyPeg has now been released and is attempting to convince businesses that one of the best ways to be able to make money by way of mobile is to encourage consumers to actually visit a certain Sao Paulo, Brazil, location by paying them when they scan QR codes upon arrival. Regardless of whether or not they actually make a purchase, as long as quick response codes are scanned, a reward…

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QR codes are going transparent

qr codes invisible Lynkware

The question is whether these slick new quick response codes will be more appealing than their standard version. By the close of August 2015, Microsoft will have completed its abandonment of its Tag proprietary version of QR codes, due to the fact that “nobody scans”, but at the same time, other companies are working to make these barcodes more appealing to marketers and consumers, alike. The fact is that quick response codes have seen their successes, but they are in very specific areas. For instance, there have been some specific…

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LongHorn Steakhouse uses QR codes to engage visitors

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

The restaurant chain is using quick response codes in an effort to target visitors and share promotions. The LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant chain is trying a new promotional campaign using QR codes in order to attempt to be able to better connect with visitors and encourage them to join the company’s loyalty program. The chain opted to print the quick response codes and the details of the promotion onto drink coasters. The drink coasters at the LongHorn Steakhouse now feature QR codes and a text offer that are meant to entice…

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QR codes at Visualead draw Alibaba investment

Visualead QR Codes

This is likely a direct reflection of the growing popularity of quick response codes in Japan and China. Alibaba Group Holding, the e-commerce giant in China, has announced that it is taking its first steps into the tech sector in Israel, as it has made an investment into Visualead, a company that is known for its unique QR codes. That company has a popular quick response code generating feature that enhances their visual appeal. Visualead is located in Tel Aviv. Its QR codes can be scanned by people with smartphones.…

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App based on QR codes for real estate professionals launched

Realtors Use QR Codes for Marketing

WebsiteBox has put out a press release to announce its mobile application and tools for these pros. A recent announcement from technology company, WebsiteBox, has revealed that the company has now launched two new apps, one of which is based on QR codes, to help to complement the other tools that it has to offer for real estate professionals. One app uses quick response codes to help with unlimited tracking, so that marketing efforts can be monitored. The first app uses QR codes to be both created and tracked. These…

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QR codes give Broward tourists self guided nature tours

QR codes on trees support learning

Visitors to this Florida county can now use smartphones to take eNature tours through quick response codes. Broward County Parks and Recreation Division have announced that three of the natural areas that they manage will now be equipped with QR codes that can be scanned by visitors to the regions so that they can take self guided eNature tours. The eNaturalist system has now been implemented within those three areas for tourists and locals to enjoy. The three areas that are now equipped with the QR codes include Woodmont in…

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QR codes offer tourists a high tech side to St. Petersburg

QR Codes in marketing

The use of quick response codes in St. Pete, Florida, is taking off at local historic buildings and attractions. If there is one thing that can be said about the areas that are most frequently visited by tourists in St. Petersburg, Florida, nowadays, it is that QR codes have certainly left their mark on these locations, and it looks like they are multiplying. They are most often seen on the doors of historic buildings and the entrances of local attractions. Scanning these QR codes provides visitors to the area with…

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QR codes bring mobile marketing to traditional television

QR Codes Television smart TV mobile payments

A company called SymbolShifters is using quick response codes broadcasted on TV screens. A company from Arizona called SymbolShifters has now patented a new method of bringing traditional television broadcasting into the digital environment through the use of QR codes that can be displayed on TV screens and scanned by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In this way, marketing over television and online will work with each other instead of being seen as counterparts. The QR codes have been seen as an opportunity to be able to greatly…

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QR codes allow consumers to send a message in a (beer) bottle

Andes beer qr codes message in a bottle

This quick response code service from an Argentinean beer has been advertised with a series of entertaining commercials. Andes, a beer brand from Argentina, has now launched a new marketing campaign that includes the use of QR codes in order to allow people to be able to send video messages to the recipients of a bottle of the product. The campaign has involved the release of a series of funny commercials to illustrate the use of the service. The entire idea behind the use of the QR codes is that…

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Could QR codes be replaced by an LED light bulb?

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

A new scannable technology is presenting a potential alternative to quick response codes, but will it catch on? While QR codes are quite useful and are highly practical, many have complained that in terms of aesthetics, all they do is take away from the ad or other form of display on which they have been printed. When a piece of print advertising has been artistically assembled, quick response codes could detract from the look. For this reason, many researchers have been seeking an alternative to QR codes that will be…

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