Real estate mobile marketing service claims they got it right!

QR Code Statistics

Realtors had taken a strong liking to QR codes even before they became popular in the U.S. Seemingly bewitched by the codes mystique and market synergy, many incorporated QR codes into their marketing efforts without first researching how to use them to their full potential. Thus was born an array of poorly executed and ill-optimized mobile marketing campaigns that prevailed around the country. These problems did not persist long, however, and realtors have not shunned the codes, looking for better ways to utilize them. Virtual tour providers were among the…

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Mobile marketing company claims affordable solutions to a must mobile commerce world

Mobile marketing continues to be an area of interest for many companies the world over. These businesses are making strides to optimize their online presence to be more compatible with mobile technology., a subsidiary of Shark Communications and a mobile web developing firm, has announced their new service, which is aimed at making mobile marketing more efficient and affordable. The company will be relying heavily on the use of QR codes as a way to cut costs. Shark Communications creative director Peter Jacobs says that the service is an…

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Axicon Services releases QR code upgrade

Oxford based Axicon Services, a leading barcode verification solution provider, has announced the launching of their latest service to make use of QR codes. The codes will be used to better facilitate registration systems for clients, allowing consumers to sign up for services via QR scanning. Axicon’s customers will also be privy to expert advice from the company’s Barcode Bureau. The codes are able to encapsulate a large amount of data in a comparatively small space. While the codes can be generated for free, a number of agencies have emerged…

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