Axicon Services releases QR code upgrade

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Oxford based Axicon Services, a leading barcode verification solution provider, has announced the launching of their latest service to make use of QR codes. The codes will be used to better facilitate registration systems for clients, allowing consumers to sign up for services via QR scanning. Axicon’s customers will also be privy to expert advice from the company’s Barcode Bureau.

The codes are able to encapsulate a large amount of data in a comparatively small space. While the codes can be generated for free, a number of agencies have emerged that over management services for a price. These offer code users the ability to track the performance of their QR campaigns and make changes on the fly if need be.

Smart phone usage is driving QR code use. As mobile devices begin to establish a dominant presence, marketers are seeking ways to engage the growing demographic. Many are moving to develop their own barcode scanning applications to take advantage of the number of people making use of the codes.

Chairman of Axicon Services, James Bernard, says that the new service offered by the company will bring a new facet to the way people use the codes. “Currently, anyone can generate a linear barcode,” says Bernard, “but they cannot ensure the quality or accuracy of the data encoded.”

To provide better service to their customers, Axicon is extending access to the Barcode Bureau that will help tailor winning QR campaigns for clients.

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