Nokia launches new promotional campaign in the UAE to raise awareness of NFC technology

Nokia NFC mobile technology

Nokia has announced the launch of a new campaign that seeks to promote NFC technology in the United Arab Emirates. Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity in the region of late as more smart phones find their ways into the hands of consumers. Nokia has been working to establish itself as one of the major players in the emerging industry, especially overseas, and hopes to get consumers in the UAE more familiar with the way NFC technology works. For the campaign, owners of Nokia’s N9 smart phone will be…

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How Apple may give NFC the boost it needs in 2012

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

Although there is a tremendous amount of talk about smartphones that are enabled with near field communication (NFC), the actual market for the technology remains quite small. However, this is expected to change in 2012, if iPhone and Windows Phone 7 devices by Apple and Microsoft are released equipped with NFC technology. Some experts, such as those at Digitimes – which is predicting that those two manufacturers will be joining with Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Bada in the NFC environment – have announced that after discussing the topic with smartphone…

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NFC-enabled screens from Clear Channel to hit the streets of London this month

Augmented Reality Advertising

NFC technology may be getting a lot of attention from financial and credit institutions but it has not lost any of its allure to advertisers. Clear Channel Outdoor, and advertising firm specializing in outdoor marketing campaigns, has announced that it will be launching a new wave of interactive billboards throughout London, UK. The billboards will be able to interact with NFC-enabled smart phones and are expected to hit streets in the coming weeks. The firm has conducted similar advertisements in London in the past and will be drawing upon that…

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Why Google Wallet may find Subway is a key to its success

Mobile Payments

Retailers and restaurant chains such as Subway that are selling goods for low prices in locations across the country may be just the boost that Google needs to succeed in its new mobile commerce service. Since Google Wallet was first unveiled in May, consumers have remained skeptical of this mobile service application. The service allows users to store their credit cards on their smart phones in digital format so that they can use the handset in order to make purchases at points of sale at various retailer that are enabled…

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NFC companies race to make the lowest power transceiver

NFC Phones

Near field communications (NFC) technology has been attracting a significant amount of attention from technology companies, finance organizations, and retailers alike, as it allows people to use their smartphones or other mobile device for making purchases, redeeming coupons, checking in at airports, paying for parking, and other common transactions. However, the amount of power NFC transactions require has come to be noticed, and developers have now started the race to create the NFC transceiver that requires the least amount of energy. So far, the front runner appears to be Texas…

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