Nokia launches new promotional campaign in the UAE to raise awareness of NFC technology

Nokia NFC mobile technology

Nokia NFC
Nokia has announced the launch of a new campaign that seeks to promote NFC technology in the United Arab Emirates. Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity in the region of late as more smart phones find their ways into the hands of consumers. Nokia has been working to establish itself as one of the major players in the emerging industry, especially overseas, and hopes to get consumers in the UAE more familiar with the way NFC technology works.

For the campaign, owners of Nokia’s N9 smart phone will be able to activate NFC-enabled posters at the VOX Cinema in the Mall of the Emirates later this week. Consumers will be able to win free movie tickets as well as refreshments during the campaign and will be able to download a cinema schedule thereafter. The campaign is simple in its approach to NFC technology, and aims to get consumers comfortable with using the technology, as it may play a big role in commerce in the future.

Nokia is also working on what it calls “Open NFC” in the UAE. The project is designed to allow consumers to share content with other people that own NFC-enabled mobile devices. Users will be able to share mobile applications, websites and other such content using a variety of NFC tags and “smart posters.” The company plans to continue its campaign in the UAE through the end of the year and has plans to promote the technology further in 2012.

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