NFC-enabled screens from Clear Channel to hit the streets of London this month

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NFC technology may be getting a lot of attention from financial and credit institutions but it has not lost any of its allure to advertisers. Clear Channel Outdoor, and advertising firm specializing in outdoor marketing campaigns, has announced that it will be launching a new wave of interactive billboards throughout London, UK. The billboards will be able to interact with NFC-enabled smart phones and are expected to hit streets in the coming weeks. The firm has conducted similar advertisements in London in the past and will be drawing upon that experience to engage consumers.

Clear Channel has taken a bold approach to NFC in marketing. The technology is still untested in the marketing industry and few people are currently aware of its existence. This presents a significant risk to companies choosing to incorporate the technology into marketing campaigns as NFC itself can be quite expensive. The firm, however, believes that the technology will add a new dimension to the way consumers are engaged in advertising and hopes that the investment will pay off.

The campaign’s main feature are the high-definition screens that will be embedded within the billboards, a sort of trademark from Clear Channel. The firm has used these screens, along with NFC technology, in retail stores throughout the UK, but this will be the largest execution of the screens for the firm to date. The screens will show a variety of digital images based upon how consumers interact with the NFC tags posted on the billboards.

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