Mobile marketing messages seen as irrelevant by consumers

Mobile Marketing messages Campaign

Almost half of all of their recipients felt that these communications were useless, contrary to what marketers thought. According to new research that was recently released, almost half of all consumers feel that the mobile marketing messages that they receive are not as useful or relevant as retailers and marketers believe. This newly released research showed that 42 percent of U.K. consumers feel that these communications are not useful. The research was conducted by Oxygen8 Group, which found that nearly half of British consumers feel that the mobile marketing messages…

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Mobile marketing performance weak at Apple

Apple mobile payments

A study of the top 100 mobile websites for retailers showed the device maker is dead last. The Search Agency has conducted a study of the smartphone optimized websites of the top 100 retailers and has awarded Apple the lowest score for its mobile marketing user experience, at 0.68 out of a possible 5.0 points. Considering the nature of the devices that Apple manufactures, this is an especially surprising result. Just ahead of the poor mobile marketing score at Apple were Zales, Restoration Hardware, and Burlington Coat Factory. That said,…

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Mobile marketing has high exposure in 18 to 34 age group

mobile marketing demographic

This demographic is being seen as highly important to marketers as half of them use small screens first. According to the results of recent research from Weve, which is attracting the attention of mobile marketers around the world, small screens – that is, those of smartphones, tablets, and other connected gadgets – are considered to be the first and most important channel for almost half of the age group demographic of 18 to 34 year olds. The research determined that the importance of the small screen to this group makes…

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Mobile marketing search discoveries from Google and Ipsos

mobile marketing search statistics

A new discovery revealed that 70 percent of smartphone searchers will use “click to call”. A survey conducted by Google an Ipsos revealed that driving phone calls is still a very important and effective mobile marketing channel, particularly when it comes to a specific website feature. The study revealed that the click to call button maintains a very high value to marketers. Regardless of whether the searcher arrives using paid or organic mobile marketing results, the survey indicated that the value of the click to call button is a high…

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Mobile marketing seen positively by Canadian consumers

Canadian Mobile payments

A recent study has shown that smartphone users in Canada are welcoming the channel. Regardless of the fact that mobile marketing is a relatively new technique over a recent channel, there have been many different methods that have been developed, and some are turning out to be quite popular among certain populations. In Canada, for example, the emerging technique appears to be being met with open arms. This could mean that retailers, restaurants, and other businesses might begin using mobile marketing considerably faster than had been expected. A new SAS…

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Mobile marketing survey reveals some strategy keys

Mobile marketing strategy

The results of the research that was performed by Siteworx provided considerable insight. Mobile marketing is still relatively new and those in the industry are still tinkering around with its techniques to try to determine what is successful, and which efforts are best left out of a campaign. New research has just been completed that has identified some of the right efforts to take over this channel. The Siteworx survey has also pointed out a number of mobile marketing techniques that should be left to advertising over other channels, instead…

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Mobile marketing will make up half of budgets in five years

mobile marketing budget

The sector will still not be able to reach its full potential due to a skills gap that will continue to exist. The results of a study by Experian Marketing Services have predicted that by the year 2017, companies and brands will be spending 50 percent of their budgets on mobile marketing. However, at the moment, progress is stunted due to a lack of understanding of the sector. Those responsible for implementing mobile marketing techniques are still struggling to fully comprehend the medium and are challenged by the methods used…

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Survey shows QR codes are the most popular mobile marketing tool

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

Advertisers begin adapting to changes in the mobile marketing landscape Mobile marketing is evolving at a steady pace. New mobile technologies have made it easier for advertisers to get in touch with consumers. These consumers, many of whom are tethered to mobile devices, have shown themselves to be welcoming of mobile marketing strategies. As the landscape changes, marketers are beginning to change their tactics in order to adapt. A new survey from Chief Marketer, a marketing firm that provides information services to businesses, details the changing trends in the industry.…

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Survey: Young consumers unable to use codes because they can’t get them to work

QR Codes

More companies are adopting QR codes for their marketing campaigns. The use of the codes most often stems from a need to reach a new generation of consumer that is immersed in mobile technology. Indeed, many retailers have catered their marketing efforts to a specific demographic – consumers between the ages of 14 and 24. A new survey from Youth Pulse, a market research firm specializing in emerging trends among young consumers, notes that most of these marketing campaigns are in vain, as younger people are less likely to scan…

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Help track your QR code with voice activated interfaces


QR codes have proven themselves to be a powerful marketing tool in the past, but their role in market research has only recently been touched upon. There has been some controversy over company’s ability to track consumer information.They are enabled to do so when consumers scan QR codes. Valuable information, such as location and identity of the person scanning the code, can be viewed once someone interacts with the code. While consumers often seen this practice as dubious, it is nothing new in the realm of market research. The codes…

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