Mobile marketing seen positively by Canadian consumers

Canadian Mobile payments

A recent study has shown that smartphone users in Canada are welcoming the channel.

Regardless of the fact that mobile marketing is a relatively new technique over a recent channel, there have been many different methods that have been developed, and some are turning out to be quite popular among certain populations.

In Canada, for example, the emerging technique appears to be being met with open arms.

This could mean that retailers, restaurants, and other businesses might begin using mobile marketing considerably faster than had been expected. A new SAS Marketing Research study has indicated that 58 percent of Canadians would like to receive advertising and offers over their smartphones. Moreover 38 percent of these participants said that they would be more likely to purchase more items if they received this service.

Canada Mobile Marketing TrendsEqually, though, not everyone is jumping on board with the results of this mobile marketing research.

According to a retail analyst in Vancouver, Canada, named David Gray, technology is most certainly altering people’s shopping habits, but not as quickly as the research is indicating. Gray believes that this is certainly the direction that mobile marketing is taking, but that it has not yet arrived at that degree, just yet.

He stated that mobile marketing is growing in its adoption and use, “and when applied in a relevant fashion we see the value in it. But Canadians are not going to be adopting at the rates suggested by the study and I think there are going to be as many concerns as there is interest.”

The way that Gray explained this issue was by saying that people in Canada are already being inundated by various forms of advertising and are surrounded by claims and promises from products, services, brands and companies. They have reached the point that they are “sick of the calls” and they are “sick of emails”. Instead, he expressed that “What we need is far deeper insight on exactly what makes digital tools and content relevant and resonating with shoppers.”

He also went on to state that there are many issues that are still linked to the use of mobile marketing technology – the same tech that is described by the research in the SAS study. These include concerns regarding privacy and scams through spammers.

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