Mobile marketing examined by Millennial Media

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2011

A recent study has looked into the way that this channel is now being used by consumer packaged goods. Millennial Media has just released its latest report containing data it produced based on an exploration of how the consumer packaged goods (CPG) vertical is applying mobile marketing to their efforts. This is the latest in a number of related studies that are being performed by the company. The mobile marketing research is the most recent in the Mobile Intel Series by Millennial Media, and has produced one of the most…

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Mobile marketing levels are breaking records in the UK

mobile marketing

Research conducted by the IAB has shown that advertising over smartphones and tablets is rising fast. The latest data released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has revealed that mobile marketing is exploding in the United Kingdom, and that it has now reached levels that have never before been achieved. Last year, the United Kingdom saw a tripling in the amount of money spent to advertise to smartphone users. That number had already gone well beyond the previous record levels in this rapidly accelerating advertising channel. Now, mobile marketing has…

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Mobile marketing survey reveals some strategy keys

Mobile marketing strategy

The results of the research that was performed by Siteworx provided considerable insight. Mobile marketing is still relatively new and those in the industry are still tinkering around with its techniques to try to determine what is successful, and which efforts are best left out of a campaign. New research has just been completed that has identified some of the right efforts to take over this channel. The Siteworx survey has also pointed out a number of mobile marketing techniques that should be left to advertising over other channels, instead…

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Mobile marketing is as “comfortable” for consumers as other forms of advertising

mobile marketing guide

Smartphone and tablet ads are becoming increasingly commonplace and device users are getting used to seeing them. Although mobile marketing still has a long way to go before it has reached the point where it is truly understood for the best techniques and methods that should be used to reach consumers, device users are expressing an increased tolerance level for this advertising channel. The newly released results of a research study are showing that many consumers equate it with other channels. The latest research released by InMobi is showing that…

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Mobile marketing study shows college students are unimpressed

Mobile marketing dislike frustration

Research has shown that these consumers are “irked” with the ads that they have been receiving. Ball State University has released a report that has shown that consumers attending college are making the switch from regular cell phones to smartphones at a very rapid rate, making them prime mobile marketing targets. However, this doesn’t mean that the ads that they have been receiving are doing the trick. Throughout the last three years, the change to smartphones has truly picked up speed. That said, these same students are expressing increasing antipathy…

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