Mobile marketing survey reveals some strategy keys

Mobile marketing strategy

Mobile marketing strategyThe results of the research that was performed by Siteworx provided considerable insight.

Mobile marketing is still relatively new and those in the industry are still tinkering around with its techniques to try to determine what is successful, and which efforts are best left out of a campaign.

New research has just been completed that has identified some of the right efforts to take over this channel.

The Siteworx survey has also pointed out a number of mobile marketing techniques that should be left to advertising over other channels, instead of smartphones and tablets. The survey was called the “2013 State of Mobile Features and Functionality Report” and it indicated that flashy apps are no longer enough to draw consumers.

Instead, consumers prefer mobile marketing to be based on convenience instead of being feature laden.

The mobile marketing survey revealed that consumers would rather use an app that offered less, but that was easy to and fast to use, then one that is slower or more challenging to use but that provided considerably more.

The survey showed that one of the most powerful elements of mobile marketing for smartphone and tablet users was a well designed, mobile optimized website. The preference for shopping was for sites over apps. Among the respondents, 66 percent who owned smartphones said that they would rather shop using a mobile website than an mcommerce app.

The mobile marketing research also identified a trend among smartphone and tablet users alike, which was in favor of product reviews. Among the respondents who had made a purchase using their devices, 33 percent said that product reviews were among the most important factors in helping them to decide what to buy.

Other forms of mobile marketing that were identified as leading drivers for making a purchase included product descriptions (19 percent), price comparisons (25 percent), and images of the products (17 percent).

Regardless of all of the hype around mcommerce, the survey also found that some of the most effective mobile marketing techniques were those that contributed to the in-store shopping experience. Nearly half (48 percent) of the respondents made purchases during the 2012 holiday season at brick and mortar shops, while 44 percent had bought products on a laptop or desktop computer.

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