QR codes step up Christmas shopping quota at Target

QR Codes used while shopping

The barcodes will be added to retail stores to help bridge the gap to the digital world. Target has added QR codes to its mobile initiatives to help the shoppers within its stores to purchase toys throughout the holiday season. The retail giant will launch the barcodes for the 20 most popular toys. The Target mobile commerce app now includes a scanner so that consumers with mobile devices can scan the QR codes for the toys they’d like to buy, and ship them for free to anywhere in the United…

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QR codes increase by 107 percent in magazines with skyrocketing mcommerce

QR codes learning

Barcodes are now present on 10 percent of all print ads of this nature. Print is currently a struggling medium in terms of advertising, but with a simple technique such as QR codes to bridge the gap between it and the digital environment, it is beginning to see vast improvements. As newsstand sales plummet, so have ad pages, causing magazines and advertisers to struggle. This has made it especially important to leverage QR codes and other similar mcommerce technologies, through aggressive strategies that bring paper and digital together. According to…

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The Road Code may cause further struggles in the future of QR codes

Road Code

QR codes have been struggling with a great deal of bad press attention recently due to some of the limitations associated with them, prompting the creation of The Road Code, by Paul Brocky and Tom Catuosco, which may put a dent in QR code popularity. The Road Code is aimed at consumers who are on the go, making information sharing much easier, safer, and more effective than it is through the use of QR codes. It provides users with free 4-character numeric codes with which they can create their own…

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Spektacle Magazine releases new QR code broadcasting book

Unique QR Code

Spektacle Magazine has announced the release of a new book entitled “Broadcasting on Paper” which is designed to help print media such as newspapers and magazines to provide their readers with exciting new features based on QR codes. The book shows a number of ways in which a QR code campaign can be created, using step-by-step instructions, which include everything from selecting the best form and design of barcode to use, to deciding how to make them visually appealing, and then managing the codes that have already been created. The…

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QR code system that remembers what you buy may be coming to major retail stores

QR Code

As the marketing industry becomes saturated with QR codes, the practice of tracking the codes performance is becoming more popular. Retailers are beginning to see the benefits of tracking QR code campaigns, as the valuable analytic data they derive from the codes can be used to make more effective campaigns in the future. Target, Home Depot and Macy’s are now looking to incorporate a QR code system that will remember specific customers, allowing retailers to use one code to reach thousands of different people. The concept is simple enough. When…

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