Spektacle Magazine releases new QR code broadcasting book

Unique QR Code

Unique QR Code

Spektacle Magazine has announced the release of a new book entitled “Broadcasting on Paper” which is designed to help print media such as newspapers and magazines to provide their readers with exciting new features based on QR codes.

The book shows a number of ways in which a QR code campaign can be created, using step-by-step instructions, which include everything from selecting the best form and design of barcode to use, to deciding how to make them visually appealing, and then managing the codes that have already been created. The guide offers comprehensive insight into every element of creating a campaign based on these two dimensional barcodes in order to make it effective and distinctive.

Unlike the magazine articles, blogs, and books that have already been published on the topic, Broadcasting on Paper takes the unique perspective of the reader him or herself. The tone of the read is conversational, and it has been stylishly presented to make the information appealing and simple to digest, without using a slew of marketing or technical jargon.

Reviewers are already applauding this book’s simplicity and style. It supports its instructions with 48 separate examples of the ways in which QR codes can be utilized for engaging and exciting readers and consumers.

According to the author of the book, John Noi, all too many QR code campaigns are either boring or are filled with problems, which simply leads to a waste of money and time. However, he went on to say that his own book “helps overcome these problems to make QR Codes extra snappable, ultra accessible and something that audiences will want to snap.”

For more information on this book visit: www.broadcastingonpaper.com

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