QR codes step up Christmas shopping quota at Target

QR Codes used while shopping

QR Codes used while shopping

The barcodes will be added to retail stores to help bridge the gap to the digital world.

Target has added QR codes to its mobile initiatives to help the shoppers within its stores to purchase toys throughout the holiday season.

The retail giant will launch the barcodes for the 20 most popular toys.

The Target mobile commerce app now includes a scanner so that consumers with mobile devices can scan the QR codes for the toys they’d like to buy, and ship them for free to anywhere in the United States. This is meant to make it faster, easier, and more affordable for Americans to purchase and send gifts to their loved ones, no matter where they are in the country.

The QR codes will also help shoppers to overcome struggles with products that are sold out at their location.

The app is very simple to use, allowing the shopper to find the product online, make the purchase, and ship it, free of charge. This feature will roll out on October 14 and is expected to make a big difference in the retailer’s ability to keep a sale in instances when shoppers are inclined to look online for an alternative solution to a challenge such as shipping or availability.

These QR codes are far from Target’s only mcommerce activities. The company is also bringing an online and mobile toy catalog into the mix, which includes a number of discount coupons that shoppers will be able to use to reduce their total purchases. They can also create Wish Lists that can be shared with others, to reduce the question as to what toy should be purchased this holiday season.

According to the Target vice president of toys, Stephanie Lucy, “Target is the ultimate destination for toy shopping this holiday season. Not only do we have the hottest toys, we are helping guests shop the way they want — in stores, online and directly from their mobile devices.” She added that the QR codes that are located within the stores this year will be an important convenience feature for busy moms. It will also make it much easier to shop for gifts for children without having them see them in the shopping cart, first.

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