Mobile commerce gains leap ahead to record 80 percent adoption rate

mobile commerce gains - woman using mobile phone

New Ipsos data shows that 4 out of 5 people around the world use smartphones in order to shop. Consumers are now shopping on their smartphones, leading to mobile commerce gains the world has never seen before, revealed a study conducted by Ipsos and commissioned by PayPal. At the same time that consumers are shopping on these devices, they remain concerned about security. The poll involved the participation of 22,000 consumers around the world. It examined mobile commerce gains across all age groups. This research found that 80 percent of…

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Mobile shopping is a favorite activity of 14 percent of commuters

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That said, 76 percent of smartphone users would consider shopping on their devices during the commute. A recent Ipsos poll that was commissioned by PayPal has determined that more than one in every 10 commuters have already engaged in mobile shopping during their commute; an activity that has been nicknamed “commuter commerce.” The survey found that there are a wide range of reasons commuters are using their mobile devices. What the Ipsos research showed was that 67 percent of commuters are using their smartphones for texting, but 44 percent are…

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Mobile commerce is growing in South Africa

Paypal mobile payments

Survey shows that consumers are participating in mobile commerce more readily in South Africa South Africa may be on the verge of a commerce boom powered by the mobile sector, according to a new survey from Ipsos. The country has become home to a thriving mobile commerce market, where the growing number of mobile shoppers have begun to have a major impact on the retail industry. The survey shows that consumers are becoming more interested in shopping online, both from personal computers and from their mobile devices. Consumers are using…

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69 percent of Americans aren’t interested in Apple Watch ownership

apple watch - standard edition

This, according to the results of a wearable technology poll that was held and reported on by Reuters. Although the Apple Watch may be one of the biggest headlines to hit the wearable technology market, the vast majority of Americans aren’t actually interested in buying one, and a striking number haven’t even heard of it. This result of a Reuters/Ipsos poll could suggest that Apple’s smartwatch could be facing similar barriers to its rivals. The wearable technology market has seen a significant number of challenges as it attempts to gain…

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Mobile commerce is thriving in Canada

canada mobile commerce users

New report highlights the growth and potential of mobile commerce in Canada Ipsos, a global market research firm, has released a new report that was commissioned by PayPal. The report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in Canada. The country has been seeing a swell in mobile commerce activity in recent years, powered by growing smartphone penetration and consumers having an interest in shopping online. As more people begin participating in mobile commerce, it is beginning to represent a larger portion of the overall e-commerce space. Report shows that Canadian…

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