Burglary prevention QR code strategy designed to help car owners be more

Burglary Prevention QR Code - Parking Lot

The Sanford Police Department is using a new strategy to help prevent car burglaries. Police officers in Sanford, Florida are hoping that their new burglary prevention QR code strategy will help remind car owners how important it is for them to lock their car doors and keep valuable items left in vehicles out of plain sight. The police have been leaving Vehicle Assessment Survey cards on parked cars. According to Sanford Police Captain Trekell Perkins, people have become desensitized to verbal warnings and catch phrase reminders (e.g. “lock it or…

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QR code tree ID project in Florida helps to educate community

QR Code tree ID project - Trees and foliage in Florida

Palmer Trinity School students complete an important tree identification program. The QR code tree ID project, which was recently completed by the students at Palmer Trinity School (PTS) in Palmetto Bay, Florida, uses QR codes to identify the many tree species within the school’s 60-acre campus. The purpose of the tree identification program is to help educate both the community and PTS visitors on the foliage that can be found around the campus grounds. Seventy-six species of trees were identified among the more then 1,000 trees on campus. Working alongside…

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QR codes used to help visitors to explore the architecture of Tampa

QR codes used for self guided tours

Tourists and locals can explore the city with more information available to them. On October 5, AIA Tampa Bay is hosting a walking tour led by architects, that highlights the unique architecture in the city, through the use of QR codes to provide information. The tour will run from noon to 1pm and will point out five to six of the top buildings in the city. The tour will begin at Lykes Gaslight Square Park, which is located in the downtown area of the city. It will focus on the…

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Florida libraries adopt QR codes to offer free music and books

mobile qr codes in library

Free e-books and music downloads available in South Florida The digital age has spawned a number of trends consumers have grown comfortable with. As consumers become more integrated with mobile technology, they are beginning to grow more interested in digital content, such as music and electronic books (e-books). Companies like Amazon and Apple have begun offering these digital products to consumers for a fee, but libraries in South Florida are offering them to consumers free of charge. These libraries are utilizing QR codes to compete with corporate competitors. Broward County…

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Tamarac Spearheads Use of QR Codes

Tamarac, Florida – Tamarac will be the first city to use QR codes in Broward County, Florida. The  QR Codes will be used by January 2011 and will be appearing in city magazines and on signs. This new technology is being embraced by a town that was originally designed as a retirement community, but with that said…the latest reports show that only 29% of its population is above 65 today. Plans show that in time, The QR codes will also start appearing on the bases of the city sculptures containing…

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